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    Systems and software reduce manual effort.  People are productive when they do things once the right way.  Software creates focus on the task making your people, processes and products productive and efficient.

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    Time & Money

    Everything has a cost.  System failures consume additional man hours to resolve, compromise your customer experience and delay the actual job at hand.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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    Cloud Readiness Assessment

    When it comes to making a change, a lot of moving pieces are in play.  Companies must first evaluate whether the change makes sense.  Atlas guides companies through the business, financial, staffing, and technical priorities involved in the decision to determine whether a safe move will succeed and deliver the desired outcomes.


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    Strategic Planning

    An incredible amount of creativity, technology and determination goes into building web applications.  The same amount of care must go into making sure they run seamlessly.  Atlas works with businesses to customize a plan that complements their strategic goals, budgets, schedules, staff and customers.


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    Migration Services

    Whenever systems are moved, an element of risk always remains.  Atlas minimizes risk through planning, communication, and testing. Specializing in the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, atlas has a rare track record of success in cost effectively and quickly moving client applications.


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    Developer Support

    Just as with any business investment, web systems need monitoring and support.  Atlas coaches technical teams in how to access and maintain applications in their new cloud environments.  Moreover, as Amazon Web Service Consulting Partners, we can forecast companies monthly hosting costs to maximize the value of their web investments and facilitate long term growth.


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    HOW WE SUPPORT BUSINESSES There is a lot of effort that goes into making sure your business is humming.
    Here are a few of the highlights.


    Your applications are mission critical to your staff and customers. We will know if your applications can’t be reached.


    Servers run out of RAM, GBs and CPU. We check your servers every 5 minutes to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


    Emergencies happen. Nightly database and code backups prepare you for when disaster strikes.


    We’re here to help. Our staff will help answer your questions, provide status updates and plan your future.







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